What's New!

Happy 2018! It's been a MINUTE since I've posted a new blog... TBH I just ran out of things to say.

I have been teasing to do a post on all of my The Ordinary/Deciem products, but seriously it's just like too many scientific words and explanations and it's not really lighting my fire right now. There are WAY better resources out there on The Ordinary that will give you an overview better than I could. Check out Stephanie Nicole or Gothimista's videos for their higher expertise on skin care! I will tell you what I have and have not liked.
Liked: 100% Squalane (moisturizer), 2% Retinol (great for all skin stuff), Niacinimide + Zinc (for acne, oily folks and more), Rose Hip Oil (although I'm kind of off oil and after a year mine just went rank which is OK I guess), and The Buffet (their more "complete" - as in not just a single ingredient - product, just your average serum).
On the fence about the Azaleic Acid (good for acne and scars) but it's out of stock and rumoured to be discontinued so ignore this completely.
Did not like: 10% lactic acid - chemical exfoliator of the AHA variety, broke me out like a MOFO. I thought it was just purging so I kept it at for like a month and all I got were a bunch of zits.
Have not made a decision on: 20% Vitamin C Suspension + HA - for brightening and reducing scars/pigmentation - used it once and got 4 huge zits. Hoping it's purging (wow i never learn my lesson) - and will use only a couple more times if it persists. 

And that is the tea on The Ordinary. 

What else is new? I have been plugging away at booking up my desired dates for the 2018  wedding season, and I'm looking forward to getting that underway. I still have some availability, so spread the word! I really wish I could do more prom bookings, but I work Thursdays at my main job, which is normally the day proms seem to be scheduled on. Boooo! 

If you don't follow me on Instagram, I post lots of photos and stories, and recently have gotten my hands on some amazing photos from end of last year. I'm going to insert some here for your viewing pleasure! The photographers (left to right): top row 1-2 - Beautiful Life Studios, 3-4 - Emily B Photography, bottom row 5-6 - Sarah Tanner Photography, 7-8 - Jessica Okonski. 

- Morgan