Just another makeup blog?

But, it's the only one written by me, making it much cooler than all the other blogs in the endless sea of blogs. 

The most "me" face that me has ever made. 

The most "me" face that me has ever made. 

As previously mentioned, there are many, many blogs out there. The point of this one, however, is specifically personal - I want a place to refer my friends and clients for my full and detailed explanations for their makeup queries. At least once a week, a friend will text me with a really good, juicy makeup question. I could type 17 messages back to them in order to give all of my thoughts... OR I could write a blog post, as well as help other in the process. Thus, here we are. 

In the meantime, I have been ruminating lots of ideas for topics. Probably one of the biggest questions I get, and that has been asked since the dawn of womankind, is "how can I make my makeup LAST?" So, a lot of content will either directly or indirectly pertain to this question. In addition, I will definitely foray into skincare, or perhaps I should more accurately say, skin prep for makeup. The result of your daily makeup application is nothing without taking care of your skin on the regular. There is a whole 'nother sea of blogs on this topic. 

Other topics to expect: 
- liquid liner vs gel liner vs pencil liner and other conundrums
- drugstore dupes for high end products (ie. saving you dat paper) 
- addressing the dreaded yet common dark circle
- gentle products for delicate flowers
- other stuff that works good
- makeup to suit your features (shapes, tones) 

When it comes to makeup and skincare, the internet is your bestest friend, the one who can't keep a secret. And I dunno if I should be the one to break this to you. It's a pretty big deal. Hold on to your hat....News Flash: You can find out ANYTHING on the internet.

... That is to say, I almost never purchase something without reading or watching at least 5 reviews of it, and this drastically cuts down on the money I waste on products I end up not liking. So, if you're reading this, I recommend using not only this blog, but consult other sources as well, from other reviewers with your specific skin type/tone, etc. Places like Makeup Alley, Amazon/Sephora reviews, YouTube, are great resources for finding things that will actually work for you and not sit in your makeup drawer just to go bad.

I wanna hear your suggestions - what are your burning makeup questions? Comment below! 

uhm ok bye.... (...What should my signature sign-off be?)