Lasting Lips and Smudge-proof Smooches

This is one of my most frequently asked questions, and one of my priorities as a makeup artist serving clients headed to all-day events... "How do I make my lip products last longer?"

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a lip product's longevity. But before I get into what you're putting on your lips, first let me talk about the most important element... YOUR LIPS! Girl, don't even with those chapped lips. 💁🏼 If you wanna wear a lip product (and have it last while looking good!) - get into a routine and invest in some lip care that works and that you like using. My biggest tip is to brush your lips right after you finish brushing your teeth. Gently rub the toothbrush over your lips for 20 seconds and then wipe. Follow up with lip balm. Sleep in an extra moisturizing or a medicated lip balm every single night. Now, once those smoochers are taken care of... 

Lip products: what are the differences? Which ones last the longest? Look the best? Are practical? 

First and foremost... 
Lipstick: Traditional bullet lipsticks are not all created equally. Lipsticks come in a variety of finishes from glossy, to cream, shimmer, metallic, and matte. The glossier and more "slippery" the product, the less time it will spend attached to your lips. The more matte and "dry" the lipstick is, the longer it will stay put. Choose the formula according to the finish you like, and keep in mind which ones might need to be reapplied more often. A glossy nude you need to touch up once an hour isn't so bad, but a glossy red that slides and fades can turn messy fast. Still, regardless the finish, lipsticks will need to be reapplied after a couple of hours (if you're lucky). What can you do to make it last longer? Working in thin layers, especially with a lip brush, will help. Setting your lipstick by brushing over a *little* translucent powder will also help. However, combining lipstick with our next product will extend your wear even longer.... 

If you are looking for something easy to apply and that is going to last longer than a regular lipstick, jump on the lip liner train. Now, you may be thinking, isn't lip liner for... lining the lips? What about that weird line? Then what? No. Line and fill in your whole mouth with the lip liner. BOOM. Did I just blow you mind? Ok. Now you know the secret. You can go on living your life. 
Some liners are totally comfortable to wear on their own like that, but some are a bit thick or waxy or dry. If this is the case, you can top it off with a little lipstick or balm or gloss to provide some comfort. Or, experiment with different brands. My favourite budget and accessible brand of lip liners are the NYX Cosmetics Slim Lip Pencils (Shopper's or online). If budget is less important and you are looking for something totally comfortable - my hands-down favourite lip products of all time are the Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof lip liners. They feel like nothing and last a really long time. 

Liquid Lipstick: 
Look. Everyone and their mother are going nuts for liquid lipstick. Sure, they are a lipstick and they "stay on all day." Everyone loves them. NOT ME! imho liquid lipsticks are gross and uncomfortable and wear strangely throughout the day. For those of who are are unexposed to massive amounts of makeup-related information, we in the beauty community have a name for how liquid lipsticks wear off in the centre and it is called "butt hole lips." Yep. The lipstick around the edges of the lip will indeed stay put, but eat or drink anything and the centre of your lips will wear away leaving a distinct line. To me, this makes them much more high maintenance than a regular lipstick. Because with a regular lipstick you can touch up by layering on top, but with liquid lipsticks this is not possible - they should not be layered and to do so will cause build up, flakes, general grossness. But... you might like them? Everyones lips are different, and there are a lot of affordable options out there now, so I would suggest to try one out and see if you like it. #yolo amirite 

Lip Gloss: 
First, get in your Delorian and return yourself from 2001. Kidding. I actually really like lip gloss when I know I'm going somewhere that I can't look in a mirror. Lip glosses, like everything else, vary in their elements. Especially these days, there are lots of very opaque formulations that show colour as well as a lipstick. Experiment with textures you like (I prefer a gel-based, sheer-ish cream formula in a lip gloss - recommend: Revlon Super Lustrous... if they still make them...?). I have also heard good things about Anastasia Beverley Hills for a more opaque formula and I do plan on trying 'butterscotch.' Just know - lip gloss ain't gon' last. No way, no how. 

To see some of these tips in action, skip to 7:40 by Queen Lisa Eldridge. 

Thanks for reading, pals - I hope this helped you out! What else do you wanna know? Ask me your questions below!