brows: powders, pomades, and pencils... oh my!

From the overplucked brows of the 2000's to the modern-day "instagram brow" - these furry friends always seem to be giving us a go, don't they? Very few pplz are born with naturally awesome brows (and leave them that way). Most of us have messed them up at some point or are just naturally lacking anything definitively awesome in that department. Luckily, Cara Delevigne came along and reminded everyone that eyebrows can be pretty cool. And the consumer market has *blown up* with brow product to suit every need - but which one is right for you?

I've *sort of* listed these products in order from "easiest" to "expert-iest" - but any or a combination could work for you, just depending on your preferences! 

You: already have a decent brow shape, but just want to add some depth or definition. 
IT: BROW GEL or "brow mascara." 

Brow gel can be either clear or tinted. Clear gel sounds like it wouldn't make a big difference, but you'd be surprised at how polished your brows will look after just a sweep. Brush the hairs at the front of the brow upwards, and comb the tail down in a natural shape. It's very satisfying. 
Tinted gel will also set the brows into shape, while adding a bit of colour for better depth. It just makes your brows pop a bit more than normal, and is sooooooo easy for low-maintenance days. Pictured above is the Benefit Gimme Brow - I've heard Joe Fresh has a dupe for this (I would LOVE to save $30!), as well as the Anastasia clear brow gel (no gel has ever gelled a brow so well - get ready to hear more about everything Anastasia... yep, she da brow kween). 

You: have some brows and want small corrections to the shape, something foolproof.
IT: BROW POWDER, or powder eyeshadow. 

If you have enough brow hairs, you can go ahead and use powders - if you have very sparse hair and are looking to apply your brow shape to the skin, go with a pencil or a pomade. Powder won't always stick to skin well.  Powders give a nice subtle enhancement - if you do need to add some fullness, powder gives a more blurred, soft focus effect, and is relatively foolproof - if you make a mistake, you can just brush it off with a q-tip!
Unless you have auburn hair, make sure you are choosing a powder with a cool-ashy (grey) undertone. Any warmth will make your brows look gingery. I use MAC Charcoal brown for a darker brow and Omega for a lighter brow. Also pictured above, the Anastasia brow powder duo in taupe. 

You: have gaps/sparse/thin brows, and want small to moderate corrections to the shape, something slightly more defined. However, this one's good for anyone/everyone, really. 

The most universal of all, the brow pencil. Now, if you're a real no-makeup-makeup type gal, or are intimidated by doing anything to your brows, this might be jumping in too soon (stick with the two former suggestions) - however,  pretty much anyone and everyone could use a little brow pencil in their life. The traditional wooden pencil does just fine for natural looks (Anastasia, Essence...), and the precise micro-pencil (Anastasia, NYX...) will be more small, precise, and sharp.

You: want a very defined brow, "instagram brow," or have very oily skin and need something waterproof.

Pomade can also be used in place of a pencil for major shape corrections, or even for a natural look with a lighter hand, but takes more practice - this needs to be applied with an angled brush - so it definitely has a learning curve. I use this on days when I'm not in a rush because it's more cost-effective than the Brow Wiz. You have a lot of diversity with pomade - you can totally create a natural looking brow, but it is really easy to delve into "dramatic" territory. With some practice, these can give you some really flossy, fancy, perfect looking eyebrows. Pictured is the Anastasia pomade, but you can also find them from Ardell (more affordable!)Benefit, etc etc etc. 

My final piece of advice to you: remember, they are sisters, not twins.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bye, friends. 
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